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10 Hospital Bag Essentials

10 Hospital Bag Essentials
hospital bag essentials
Planning and preparing to pack your hospital bag can seem like an incredibly daunting task. Preparing for the unknown and trying to remember everything that you'll want to have (just in case!) is a big deal. To take the guesswork out we have made a full downloadable list for you - link here - but we've also got the Top Ten Hospital Bag Essentials below to make life that little bit easier.
maternity pads/underwear. An absolute essential for any postpartum mum.  I personally packed both, along with some black comfortable underwear.  We love Partum Panties for disposable maternity underwear. 2. perineum ice/heat packs. Our incredible Perineum Strips are beneficial during both labour & post-birth.  Including these in your hospital bags means you'll be ultra prepared for whatever comes your way.
3. BREAST ICE/HEAT PACKS. Again, our Breast Ice & Heat Packs come in handy in more ways than one.  Warm them up to encourage the flow of milk, and cool them down to help with engorgement. 4. NIPPLE BALM. Getting your nipples used to the constant attachment and feeding of your little one can be painful business.  Pack a soothing nipple balm to help reduce the discomfort. An added bonus - ours doesn't need to be washed off.
5. A COMFORTABLE ROBE. Comfortable clothing in general is essential for the hospital.  However, we find that a nice soft robe is the best option as you will be comfortable and also feel good about yourself. . COSY SOCKS OR SLIPPERS. Hospitals can get cold, so having something nice and warm on your feet is a must.  We are currently obsessing over our woollen socks - thick and cosy - the ideal option.
Shop: Robes
Shop: Socks
Shop: Slippers
7. LACTATION COOKIES/TEA + OTHER SNACKS. I have never felt hunger quite like those early days of breastfeeding. Having plenty of snacks on hand will make you feel ultra prepared.  Lactation Tea is also a great option for breastfeeding mama's (and why not pack your fave Joey Mama Mug to enjoy it in! 8. 8. a large drink bottle. Having a super big water bottle will come in very handy in the hospital during both labour and your stay afterwards.  Filling it once a day means you'll never be without hydration.
9. phone charger. his one is obvious, but we are including it to make sure you don't forget it!  You'll be wanting to keep your phone battery fully charged to ensure that you can take those million photo's and receive all of those congratulations messages. 10. breast pads. Leaking breastmilk isn't fun or comfortable. Pack some breast pads in your hospital bag so you'll be ready and prepared for when your milk comes in

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