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8 Postpartum Practices That You Shouldn't Skip

8 Postpartum Practices That You Shouldn't Skip

Looking after yourself postpartum is not something that many women think about when preparing for the birth of their baby. It is SO important though. How do you expect to take care of another human being, if you are NOT taking care of yourself?

We have made a list of what should be your 'non-negotiables' during your postpartum to help you take care of yourself!

1. Try to get fresh air every single day!

Even if it's just sitting outside your front door for 15 minutes. fresh air is incredible for your mental health, i swear that it can turn a bad day into a good one.

2. Hydrate!

Water is a mum's bff (even more so if you're breastfeeding). Always have water nearby before you sit down, nothing worse than being stuck under a sleeping baby unprepared (snacks, phone & tv remote also help)

3. Don't feel guilty for the days spent on the couch.

Watching an entire season of something during the fourth trimester should be mandatory. Soak up the slowness of newborn days, you deserve it.

4. Enjoy a long shower with allllllll of the extra's.

 Wash & style your hair, shave your legs, full skincare routine, make up (if you wish) and an outfit you feel fab in! you'll feel a million bucks, promise!

5. Go to bed early.

It might seem like common sense, but we often don't do it. Prioritise your rest mama!

6. Accept the help.

People will offer, and your first instinct may be to decline, but please, accept their help! People want to help new parents, be it a home cooked meal, babysitting your big kids, doing a load of washing or cleaning the kitchen - accept the help.

7. Focus on nutrition.

Reaching for easy foods is what we generally do when we're busy. try to make those easy foods - nutritious ones! Looking after yourself is extremely important after birth.

8. Remember that you can say no.

It's your baby, your family, and your life. If you're not up to planned visitors for the day, postpone them. This is not the time that you need to make other's happy.

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