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Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding Essentials

Most breastfeeding mothers know that although breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It also doesn’t come without some pain an difficulty (that is absolutely not the case for everyone, or every baby). Dry, cracked, bleeding nipples, engorgement, mastitis. The list goes on. When preparing to breastfeed your little one there are essentials that all new mothers should have to assist with their breastfeeding journey and to give them and their baby the best chance at enjoying that journey together.

Breast Ice & Heat Packs

These incredible creations are the perfect addition to help you with all your breastfeeding woes. Heat them up and they assist with your let down. They encourage your milk to flow freely, pretty amazing right!? Cool them down and they assist with the pain and inflammation caused by mastitis and engorgement – something most Mothers experience at some point in their journey (the engorgement I experience after the birth of my second daughter was NEXT LEVEL.)

Breast Pads

Now, they don’t have to be reusable ones, but that’s our preference as they are better for the environment and the hip pocket, and they are also WAY more comfortable. But disposable breast pads also work. The key is to soak up any leakages you may experience. Stick them in your bra and you’ll be all set. These are especially handy during the first few weeks/months of breastfeeding and will save you a tonne of washing.

Lactation Teas, Essential Oils &/or Cookies

Anything to help boost your milk supply is worth trying (especially if you’re experiencing any supply issues). There are so many delicious lactation teas and cookies out there – also recipes if you’d prefer to make your own – that do an incredible job at assisting to boost your milk production. A beautiful way for a mother to nurture herself so she can nurture her little one, because you deserve some treats too Mama. Our Mama’s Milk essential oil is also such a simple way to encourage your supply to grow.

Breast Milk Catcher

These are honestly God’s gift to newly breastfeeding <others. These little gems catch your letdown (in your opposite breast) while you breast feed your baby. Especially effective during the first few weeks of feeding, you will be STUNNED at the amount of milk that could have gone to waste had you not attached that little wonder. These assist with relieving the effects of engorgement (because they encourage the let down to come out, releasing some of the pressure in your breast). Afterwards simply pop the milk into a breast milk storage bag and freeze for later!

Nipple Balm

Dry, cracked and bleeding nipples sometimes come with the territory. Whether your journey is easy, or if your little one has latching issues caused by tongue or lip ties. There is no way you can prepare your nipples for breastfeeding, not fully anyway. Breastfeeding can be relentless, feeding your baby every 2-3 hours for days on end. Those nipples need to be cared for. The easiest and best way is nipple balm. Pop it on in between feeds and soothe those girls, they need it!

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