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Is Nipple Balm a Breastfeeding Essential?

Is Nipple Balm a Breastfeeding Essential?

Are you currently pregnant and planning for your postpartum? Perhaps you've started looking into breastfeeding essentials and you've caught yourself wondering what is actually an 'essential' item and what is just an added extra? Have you wondered to yourself 'do I really need nipple balm?'🤔

Well, the simple answer to that question is yes, you do!

But why, you may be wondering? 

Getting your nipples used to the constant attachment and feeding of your little one can be painful business. Dry, cracked and bleeding nipples is the reality for many new mothers - me included! This is due to the fact that breastfeeding is quite constant during those early weeks when your baby is trying to bring in your milk, cluster feeding is very normal during this time. Caring for your nipples is more important during those early weeks.

Our Joey Mama Nipple Balm will help to reduce the discomfort during those early weeks (and if you happen to have any during your feeding journey too) and to soothe and repair your dry and cracked nipples.

Our beautifully nourishing Joey Mama Nipple Balm is made from all natural and safe ingredients, ensuring your nipples are deeply moisturised and soothed.

Benefits of Nipple Balm;
🌸Reduces nipple discomfort and pain caused by breastfeeding
🌸Soothes and repairs dry, cracked nipples
🌸Deeply nourishing
🌸Lightweight creamy texture
🌸No need to wash off in between feeds
🌸Lanolin free
🌸Natural plant based ingredients
🌸Cruelty free
🌸Can also be used on lips, cheeks, heels and elbows


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