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Joey Mama Story - Natasha a mother of 2

Joey Mama Story - Natasha a mother of 2

Tash is a mother of 2 little ones & a lawyer from Melbourne. We loved reading her Joey Mama Story, the way she describes what the transition to motherhood is like, is spot on!

Smiling family of 4

Tell us a little bit about you?

I’m a mummy to two under two. I’ve got an almost two year old boy and a 7 week old baby girl. When I’m not on maternity leave I’m a lawyer at a firm in Melbourne.

What were your initial thoughts/feelings when you found out you were pregnant?

Both pregnancies I was a little shocked that it happened so quickly albeit we were trying. I was also a little scared but very excited at the same time.

How was your birth? Did it go as planned or how you expected?

Both my births have resulted in emergency caesareans. Whilst they were emergencies they were both very calm experiences so I have happy memories from them both. Both pregnancies my blood pressure spiked at the 37 week mark and it was decided with my first to induce me, however, the induction failed and I ended up having a caesarean and my second pregnancy I was booked in for a caesarean a few days after 37 weeks but it got brought forward because my blood pressure couldn’t be stabilized.

How did you find the transition into motherhood?

The transition to motherhood is like a baptism of fire. You have absolutely no idea what you’re doing and you’re sent home from the hospital with this beautiful little bundle to look after and you’ve just got to wing it. The second time round I’ve definitely felt more comfortable with my mothering skills and whilst two children is hard I think going from zero to one child is definitely more challenging than going from one to two.

How has life changed for you since becoming a mum?

Life is definitely more hectic especially when trying to work and raise children but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is your favourite part of being a mum?

I think one of my favourite things about being a mum is just enjoying your children’s firsts. The first smile, laugh, crawl and walk etc are just magical.

What do you do for you outside of motherhood?

I don’t think I do nearly enough selfcare for myself outside of being a mum but I do love listening to podcasts, cooking and reading. I also love getting a facial and a massage but they’re sometimes few and far between.

Mother and Father with Newborn Baby

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