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Mama Must Haves


I’m guessing since you’re here that you’re either a mother, you’re about to become a mother or you plan on being a mother in the future. So you will know (or will want to prepare) that motherhood is not for the faint of heart. There are ups, there are downs, there is mess, there is tears, there is dirt, there is crumbs – it’s chaos. So when chaos is assured – it’s a good idea to be prepared. I have found during motherhood that often preparation is key. If you've got everything sorted, then you are bound to have a good day.

Here is a list of Mama Must Have items to get you through even the most chaotic of days.

  • A backpack ‘nappy bag’. Must be backpack, so you have free hands for toddlers that are trying to run away. Even when you’re kids are older and not in nappies anymore – a backpack is still essential. One that is big enough to store spare clothes, drink bottles, nappies and let’s not forget about the ten thousand SNACKS.
  • A good drink bottle. Something I often forget with the chaos of the day, is hydrating myself. I’m constantly chirping on at my kids to make sure they get enough H2O but then I completely neglect my own water intake – getting a good water bottle (I like mine straws so I can drink hands free) is an essential for you mama.
  • Comfortable pants. Now, they don’t HAVE to be activewear leggings, comfy stretchy jeans are also workable. But honestly, there is a lot of bending down and doing things on the floor when you become a mum, I honestly don’t think anyone prepared me for quite how much floor time I would be having when I had kids.
  • Baby Wipes. TBH I’m not sure why these are called ‘baby’ wipes. Because they are used for literally everything. Sure, you first use them when your little one is born for nappy changes. But they also come in handy at cafes, parks, at home, in the car, literally everywhere for literally everything.
  • Coffee/Caffeine. This one goes without saying. But if you’re not a coffee drinker then you could substitute it with anything that gives you energy to get through the day. For me, knowing that I have a delicious coffee to look forward to is what helps me get out of bed in the morning. I honestly love coffee so much, it’s one of my favourite things. The perfect mug to enjoy your morning coffee in is also something every mum deserves!

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