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Newborn Essentials (that you actually need!)

Newborn Essentials (that you actually need!)


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Becoming pregnant is such an exciting and emotional time. But discovering how much you need to purchase and prepare for when the baby arrives can be incredibly overwhelming. The amount of products that are available these days is insane! Heading into your local baby store is lots of fun, but when it comes to purchase time, narrowing it down to what you actually need can be tricky. Some products out there, while pretty snazzy and exciting, aren’t generally the best use of your money. Here is OUR list of newborn essentials that will help you and your little one to easily transition through The Fourth Trimester (i.e. the first few months after birth).

A Good White Noise Machine

Babies absolutely love white noise! It helps them to self sooth and assists them to link their sleep cycles (meaning they can sleep for longer!) It also helps to block out noise you may make while you’re little one is asleep. Because absolutely no one enjoys accidentally waking their baby.

Love to Dream ‘Swaddle Up’ Sleeping Bag

These are the absolute best for little ones that like to sleep with their arms up (which all our girls did). They even have a transitional sleeping bag which helps them to slowly transition to sleeping with their arms out. I swore by these, and loved them so much that I didn’t even bother swaddling my 2nd daughter at all. Literally packed them in the hospital bag and used them from day 1.

Burp Cloths (& lots of them!)

The terry nappies at Kmart were our favourite. They can be used in SO MANY convenient ways. We highly recommend you stock up on these and then leave them around the house in random places, because you always need them when you least expect it and having them within arm’s reach is extremely necessary.

A Video Baby Monitor

Forget the TV screen, this is the one you’ll be watching. Being able to see your little one when you aren’t holding them is amazing, especially if you’re a slightly anxious new mama (which I definitely was). I swear that ghost cries are a thing (thinking you hear your little one crying when you are in the shower), so video monitor is super helpful for those times when you want to check on them, but not disturb them.

Zip Up Onesies

Honestly, do not bother fussing about with buttons. They might be fine for the first few days, but after a week you won’t bother putting your baby in a button onesie because it’s too much effort, and nobody has time for that. Save your penny’s on the button onesies, zip up onesies all the way

Button Singlets

I know we said no buttons above, but they don’t make zip singlets so buttons it must be! For my first daughter I made the mistake of buying normal singlets, and boy were they annoying. They constantly rode up, and occasionally her little tiny tummy would be on show (not ideal for a winter baby). Button singlets are fantastic for keeping them warm and comfy.

A Baby Wrap Carrier

I feel like coming from us, this may be a little obvious. But truthfully for both of us, wrap carriers were a life saver! Babies LOVE them because they mimic the womb. Which is perfect for a newborn that honestly doesn’t know that they’re born yet. They are also incredibly convenient, giving you your 2 hands back so you can actually get anything done (other than watching endless series on tv, which is also a great use of your time). The benefits of baby wearing are endless for both baby & parent (check out our blog on that here) so we definitely believe they deserve to be on this list!

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