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The Benefits of Baby Wearing

Baby wearing baby wrap carrier

baby wearing benefits baby wrap carrier

Baby wearing is the act of carrying or wearing your baby in a wrap, sling or carrier. The idea is that your little one is held close against your body, chest to chest, exactly where they want to be. Baby wearing has many incredible benefits, both for baby and parent/caregiver. Which is why we are so incredibly passionate about it!!!

It is convenient.

Once you become a parent you realise quickly that getting things done is not as easy as it once was. Especially during those early newborn days, getting 'hands free' time can be a bit difficult. Baby wearing is the easiest way to keep your baby calm (or asleep) while you get things done. This is definitely one of our favourite benefits (hence why it's listed first!) If you happen to have older children, baby wearing is a fabulous way to care for your newborn while also being able to carry on with every day life (school drop off's, dancing lessons, park play dates etc.)

It assists with bonding.

Having your little one snuggled up closely to you or your partner is a beautiful way to create a connection. Skin to skin, soaking them in every way you can. You are their safe place, exactly where they want to be. You learn their cues, can easily interact with them and meet their every need. Your confidence will blossom and their sense of security will grow. 

It is beneficial for breastfeeding.

If breastfeeding is your choice then baby wearing will also be beneficial for that! Having your little one close boosts your milk supply due to the oxytocin your body is producing (by having them snuggled close). Breastfeeding with your wrap on is also possible, win win! Another simple way that baby wearing helps - you are easily able to notice their hunger cues before quiet cries turn into a full blown melt down!


baby wearing benefits baby wrap carrier

It keeps prying hands away.

Have you ever been invited to a party or get together within weeks of your new baby arriving and wondered how on earth you will prevent every person there from asking for a hold of your baby. I know I have! I didn't want random people I barely knew holding MY new tiny precious baby! Well, baby wearing is such a simple and easy way to keep those people at bay. Pop them in before you walk in the door and they will be safe snuggled up close to you.

It is beneficial for Reflux and Colic.

Being held in an upright position assists with your baby's digestion and ensures that gravity does it's thing and keeps the contents of their tummy in their tummy. Preventing the pain, stress and mess of Reflux. Baby wearing is also a lovely way to care for little ones experience Colic. Being held close to their mum or dad's chest provides a gentle massage on their upset tummy. Resulting in less tears and a calmer baby and parent.

It helps your little one to regulate their own physiological functions.

From heart rate to temperature and even breathing. Baby wearing truly does support your little ones transition from womb to world. By wearing your baby regularly, chest to chest, you act as a regulating system for them. They hear your heart beat, feel your rhythmic breathing and enjoy your warm body temperature. By helping them to regulate these functions you allow them to focus their energy on all the other learning they have to do.

 baby wearing benefits baby wrap carrier

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