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Top 10 Tips from a Sleep Consultant

Top 10 Tips from a Sleep Consultant

We reached out to Alyssa from Soothing Small Sleepers because we loved her take on tackling sleep issues and thought it would be amazing to have her share her top tips when it comes to sleep and your baby. Her outlook on sleep & the tips she shares are refreshing along with being tried and tested by Alyssa herself. We also agree that tip number 8 is a MUST! 

If you would like to read more about Alyssa and the services she offers including sleep guides, click here or you can visit her social media page where she also shares a ton of information @soothingsmallsleepers

Sleep consultant at computer

Hello, I'm Alyssa and I'm thrilled to be able to write to you all to bring some information on infant sleep. As a fun loving mum to two boys myself I know how important it is for families to get enough sleep to stay healthy and happy. That's why I'm dedicated to helping new parents and their little ones establish healthy sleep habits that work for their specific needs.

I use my own evidence based knowledge of infant sleep patterns and development to create personalised plans that work. As a personal trainer I also understand the importance of physical activity for mental health. That's why I'm extremely passionate about prioritizing mums and dads well being. With my help you can rest assured (pardon the pun) that your family is on the right path for better sleep and a healthier life. 

As a parent, I know first-hand the challenges that come with having children, especially when it comes to sleep. My two boys are complete opposites and it took a lot of hard work, dedication and patience to establish good sleep habits for them.

My first son spent four weeks in the NICU and being a first time mum it was incredibly difficult to leave him after being closely connected during pregnancy. My second son struggled with day night confusion and would wake up almost every hour at night for what seemed like an endless stretch of time. However, my own experiences as a mother led me to start a business to help other parents facing similar sleep issues.  I truly understand the exhaustion and sleep deprivation that comes with having children, especially two under two at the time. With that said, here are my Top Ten Tips to get you and your family the best sleep possible;

1. Set your room up with everything you need in it, so you don't have bits and pieces all around your house. 

2. Get a good quality white noise machine that is LOUD and has a red light (for when they reach age 2 and ask for a light) 

3. Get good quality block out blinds. I have two discounts with Mahalo Blinds and Sleepy Sundays. 

4. Establish a wind down routine that you will use until your children no longer need you. Yes,  exactly the same thing every single night

5. Follow 1-2 sleep consultants on social media that resonate with you. If you follow too many it will just get confusing, because we all say the same thing just in a different way 

6. Find a really cool support network 

7. Do all feeds at night time in the dark room. Try not to use a light as that may stimulate your baby, keep it as quiet as possible. 

8. Take 30 mins out of your day for YOU! Exercise is a MUST, get those endorphins going. it doesn't have to be hard or fast, just move.

9: Get a good quality rocking chair!

10: Enjoy those cuddles, feed to sleep, rock to sleep and most of all do what works for you.

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