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Uncommon Baby Wearing Benefits

Uncommon Baby Wearing Benefits
If you follow our social media, it should come as no surprise that Brooks has spent the better part of his (almost) 9 weeks earthside snoozing away in a wrap carrier. Even I didn't realise how much I would be using the wraps.
 Aside from the many benefits baby wearing has that we often talk about, some of the reasons I've found it so helpful aren't spoken about as much so I thought I would share why baby wearing has played a HUGE part in my fourth trimester.


Yep, the good ol' nap. I am a stickler for routine and awake windows and all the sleep stuff that some people hate. Tilly was a screamy baby and as soon as I started paying attention to making sure her sleep was on track, the screaming stopped and there was no way I was going through that with Brooks. This little guy has never missed a nap thanks to baby wearing. If we are out and about and he needs to sleep, wrap. If we have driven for 15 minutes and he's fallen asleep but not slept for long enough, wrap. All it takes is anywhere between one minute and 10 minutes, some shushing, bouncing and bum pats and this guy is off to the land of nod for a solid few hours.



Baby wearing has meant that our social life has been able to continue. My 3 year old hasn't missed out on anything because Brooks has been napping at home. We're going out tonight and I know at some point, I'll need to put him in a wrap carrier for him to go to sleep and I am confident that we will be able to relax and enjoy our night!. Which brings me to my next point....



The confidence I have venturing out with Brooks in a wrap carrier is second to none. It can be so daunting leaving the house, your safety zone, with a newborn not knowing whether it's going to go smoothly or if it's going to be a screaming shit show (pardon my language) I remember feeling that with Tilly. I raced around the supermarket, grabbing only the essentials in case she woke up screaming. Thankfully when Brooks is in a wrap, he is in his happy place, he feels safe and content in there and even when he has woken up when we've been out, he just calmly looks around and sometimes, drops back off to sleep (which is nice!)


4. 5PM

That time of the day when all hell breaks loose and everyone's hangry. I find that last nap of the day to be a tricky one to get Brooks to do it in his bed and when I have to do dinner for my older child, tidy up after the day and try and get dinner started for my husband and I, I just don't have the time or energy to try and get him to sleep in his bed so the wrap carrier comes out. He's been with me while I have cooked so many meals, he is destined to be a real foodie one day. He's helped me hang out the washing that's been in the washing machine all day and he's even enjoyed the musicals his older sister puts on while she's having a shower. The wrap carrier has been a real saviour at this time of day!



This one isn't a benefit, more of a tip, hence the heading...

If you have a young baby or are about to have a baby, don't wait to try baby wearing. The earlier you get them in a wrap carrier, the better. You will both love it and enjoy so many benefits, way more than the ones I have mentioned above. I won't lie, it looks complicated to learn how to use the wrap carrier but if there is one thing I can promise you, it isn't complicated at all. One or two goes and you will be a pro! It is a small skill worth mastering and I have yet to go out with Brooks in a wrap and not receive a compliment about either the carrier itself, Brooks looking cosy or a nice compliment from a stranger to me (those are my fave hehe)

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