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5 Ways to Nurture a New Mum

5 Ways to Nurture a New Mum
Becoming a mama (whether it be for the first time or the fourth) takes its toll physically and emotionally. Being the centre of the universe for tiny little people means putting your own needs on the backburner. Nurturing new mums is absolutely essential. In order to look after a newborn (or an entire family), they need to have a full cup (physically, emotionally and mentally). Otherwise they will burn out quicker than your hot cuppa goes cold. Here are some simple ways to nourish and nurture a new mama during her postpartum.
Lactation Cookies/Lactation Teas
If the new mama is breastfeeding, then lactation cookies or teas are a beautiful, thoughtful gift. A guilt free pleasure she can relax and enjoy which nourishes her and in turn nourishes her little one. Breast milk production takes up a lot of mama’s physical energy, she deserves a little treat to enjoy while her body is creating that liquid gold.
Essential Oils
Essential Oils have SO many incredible natural benefits. They are such a simple way to practice self-care. Whether it be milk production, assistance with sleeping, soothing or calming anxieties from the day or something else. There is an essential oil available to help. They require her to focus on herself and her needs even if it is only for a small portion of the day.


Home cooked hearty meals
You cannot go wrong with a delicious home cooked meal. Honestly, is there anything better than sitting down at the end of a long day, exhausted and weary. Eating a delicious, nutritious, hot, home cooked meal (that you didn’t cook). Hint: There is absolutely nothing better! Something simple for her to reheat and eat with one hand is the best. She will feel the love and kindness in every bite she takes.
Helping her get some rest
Motherhood (especially The Fourth Trimester) is extremely exhausting, that is the simple truth. And while those sleepless days do not last forever, any extra sleep she can have is worth having! If she feels comfortable, take her little one for a slow walk around the block so she can have some rest on the couch. She will be eternally grateful for the time to herself and being able to focus on her.
Be the ears that she needs
Speak to her about her birth and how the transition to motherhood is going. Sometimes things happen in a way you don’t expect, sometimes motherhood isn’t what you thought it would be. Things may have happened during her birth that didn’t go to plan, and she may not have had an opportunity to work though it yet or talk about it to anyone. Giving her the space to be open and honest (when she is ready) is a beautiful way to help her with acceptance. All our feeling are valid, and no feeling is ever wrong. Motherhood is hard work, and we should all have the opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings with someone who listens with love and no judgement.

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